Healthy Family Fun for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! On this national holiday, we reflect upon what we are thankful for, spend quality time with family and friends, and consume all of that delicious Thanksgiving cuisine. Did you know that we indulge far more calories over the Thanksgiving holiday than any other day of

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The Importance of Sleep Quality and Rest for a Healthy Life

As we shared with you last month, a new school year has started in our L’Esport SUMA program, a project that Gasol Foundation carries out in collaboration with Casal dels Infants in Badalona that targets families at risk of social exclusion. L’Esport SUMA holds monthly sessions to promote healthy family

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The school year is officially over!! So long are the early wake-up calls, staying up late studying for tests, and let’s not forget about all that homework! Although summer vacation is nice, it can bring about many distractions when it comes to eating healthy. And hot temperatures can often derail

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