The school year is officially over!! So long are the early wake-up calls, staying up late studying for tests, and let’s not forget about all that homework! Although summer vacation is nice, it can bring about many distractions when it comes to eating healthy. And hot temperatures can often derail

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June #HealthyChallenge: Proper Hydration

The human body depends on water to survive. Our bodies utilize water to maintain its temperature, remove wastes, aid heart health, lubricate joints, and maintain a healthy weight. As you can see, drinking water on a daily basis is crucial, especially for children. Hydration is particularly important in children because

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Children can have an Active Summer with Fun and Exercise!

Summer has arrived! During this time, all one typically wants to do is be lazy, sleep all day and forget all about our daily routines and habits. This especially applies to children, who have more free time during the summer. Adolescents and children have a tendency to become sedentary and

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