L’Esport Suma Programming Activities

The Importance of Sleep Quality and Rest for a Healthy Life

As we shared with you last month, a new school year has started in our L’Esport SUMA program, a project that Gasol Foundation carries out in collaboration with Casal dels Infants in Badalona that targets families at risk of social exclusion. L’Esport SUMA holds monthly sessions to promote healthy family

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Family Fun Day for L’Esport SUMA Graduation

For the third year in a row Gasol Foundation promoted the L’Esport SUMA project together with Casal dels Infants in the center of Betsaida (Badalona). Through workshops that were provided on weekday afternoons during the school year, children participated in sports to promote physical activity and were offered recreational alternatives

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Eating Protein with L’Esport SUMA families

Protein is an essential nutrient in the adequate development of children. Foods such as chicken, meat, fish, milk, legumes and eggs not only contain sufficient amounts of protein, but they all help children grow up healthy and strong, if consumed on a daily basis. Protein is an important building block

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