For more than three years, Gasol Foundation has been developing in Spain several activities and programs to reduce the rates of Childhood Obesity by modifying the health habits of children, young people and their families through the promotion of sport, physical activity, healthy eating and emotional well-being. Healthy eating workshops, sport activities, family trips, training sessions and motivational speakings are some of the activities that we are carrying out.

A special mention goes to “L’Esport SUMA” program (“The Sport adds” program), our pioneering initiative that uses sport and nutrition as an educational tool to teach healthy habits and values to children, youth and families in the most deprived neighborhoods of South Badalona (Catalonia). Welcoming 180 children and young people as well as 120 families in the districts of Llefià and San Roc (Catalonia), this program contributes to the socialization, integration and empowerment of these children and their families.

Sport as an inspiring goal to reduce Childhood Obesity Rates

Logo Esport SumaGasol Foundation and Casal dels Infants Foundation have agreed to collaborate and create ‘L’Esport Suma” program because they both believe in the transformative power of sport to educate, empower and inspire these children, youth and their families. The program works under the philosophy that sport motivates children and youth at risk of social exclusion and creates opportunities to gather as teams with the purpose of contributing to personal development and social integration.

skate 1Both organizations are aware that the southern suburbs of Badalona (Spain) have a history full of setbacks, difficulties and struggle. They are densely populated neighborhoods that have suffered the consequences of bad urban planning and complex growth from various migratory waves. Therefore, physical activity, healthy habits and sport have become important personal and social development tools for these children and their families.

L’Esport Suma” is an example of how combined efforts can improve the living conditions of at-risk children by providing opportunities otherwise not available.


Program Objectives:

  • Encourage healthy lifestyles that promote the welfare of children, youth and family.
  • Increase the participation and involvement of families in the children’s education and involvement in sport.
  • Promote social cohesion with others linked to sport, in community activities from an intercultural, intergenerational and gender perspective.

“L’Esport Suma” represents an example of the effort to better the lives of at-risk children and help these children have better options in their future.

Gasol Foundation and Casal dels infants worked together to create “L’esport Suma” which will help develop other neighborhoods within Spain. The goal is to help sport, nutrition and other healthy habits integrate with education and other opportunities.