Vida! Health & Wellness

Every child has the right to live a healthy and happy life. Let’s empower them.

Every one is a role model to another. Let’s be a healthy one to our children.

Every one has a responsibility to self and to those they love. Let’s do this together.

By providing parents and their children with knowledge of these “Three R’s of Health”, Gasol Foundation hopes to facilitate a new level of parent and community engagement in children’s lives: one that positively impacts individual and family wellness both today and for many tomorrows.

Vida! serves as the first Gasol Foundation-sponsored U.S. health & wellness enrichment program and exists as part of a larger global outreach campaign. Gasol Foundation launched a Los Angeles-based Vida! partnership with the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools and Parent College in 2014.

Currently impacting over 400 at-risk families living in Boyle Heights, South LA, and Watts -Vida! is an interdisciplinary empowerment program for parents, young children, and high school students and serves as a critical community tool for sustainable and healthy change. 

Vida! Highlights Include:

  • Outdoor Enrichment and Indoor Class Time
  • Physical Activity, Sports, and Games
  • Youth Field Days
  • Physiology Exploration and Science Education
  • Centering Activities: Reading, Art, Music and Mindful Meditation
  • Community Gardens of Interactive Learning
  • Garden-to-Table Cooking Demos
  • The Grocery Project, Food & Financial Security
  • Community Health Agency & Vendor Fairs