More than 500 People Attend Sant Boi Family Health Day

Due to  World Physical Activity Day, on Sunday 9 April, the Gasol Foundation, in collaboration with Sant Boi Town Hall and local entities, managed to bring together more than 500 people at Muntanyeta Park with the ” Shake Sant Boi!” (Agita’t Sant Boi!) To convey to all whom attended the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and to also demonstrate how healthy habits and fun go hand in hand.

The free family day started at 9:30 am with a Nordic walk, the first of many healthy family activities of the day. Here, both kids and adults traveled through Muntanyeta Park. While walking through this  circuit, the natural environment and beautiful scenery of of Sant Boi was highlighted all along the way.

Next, everyone gathered around the stage. Nutritionist Cristina Viader led a cooking show for all to enjoy. There was also a section where everyone was able to discover all of the unhealthy sugars hidden in our foods we consume daily. Other highlights included batting techniques form the Sant Boi baseball team, numerous activities on an American track, a healthy hopscotch game, a trivia game discussing the significance of rest, drawings of fruits and vegetables, the creation of sheets with healthy messages, and so much more! All of this was going on as music and laughter filled the air. As you can see, the theme of the day was FUN!

The mayor of Sant Boi, Lluisa Moret, even took the stage. Accompanied by Gasol Foundation director Cristina Ribes, she spoke with the audience. She stated, thanks to Gasol Foundation for the effort that has put into organizing this day.”Cristina Ribes addressed the audience as well saying, “this is just a sample of what we can accomplish at Sant Boi now that the Foundation has decided to settle here. With the help of all we will be able to make Sant Boi a healthier city!” “The families that accompany us today”, continued Cristina Ribes, “helped with your example, to make children understand that healthy habits are as fun as they are necessary. Childhood obesity is a very present problem to our society and the  Agita’t Sant Boi! Is the proof that, if we work together, we can achieve a positive change in the health of children and their families. ” This day has demonstrated the great harmony that exists between the Foundation, Sant Boi Town Hall and collaborating entities, among which are the Marianao Foundation, the Nordic Walking Baix Llobregat, the Sant Boi Red Cross, the Sant Boi Baseball Club And the Gastronomy Workshop Organization.

The day concluded with a family stretching session and a drawing of sports equipment so that families can continue to engage in physical activity with one another. The fact that this amazing day had over 500 attendees and 40 Gasol Foundation volunteers shows not only how much support we had, but also was the main reason why the event was as successful as it was.

As a finishing touch, the children were able to leave their fingerprints to form a beautiful mural of colors that exemplified the overall success of the first annual Agita’t Sant Bio! Definitely the first of many more to come!