A ‘Sugar Search’ with the families of L’esport Suma (Sport Adds) program

Sugar ingested in moderation can give a child a wonderful burst of energy just prior to physical or sport activity – but sugar before bedtime or while participating in a more sedentary activity like – sitting while watching tv – can be hazardous to their long-term health.  Especially when the sugar ingested is “added sugar” not of the kind that naturally occurs in food.

We at Gasol Foundation understand how important health education is to families across the world and how important it is for families to understand how a food’s ingredient list and nutrient breakdown will affect both their body and mind. For that reason, the L’esport Suma program, operating in Spain, organized a healthy Saturday workshop series focused on food education and exploration.

IMG_8967This past Saturday marked our second workshop in the series.  While our L’esport Suma children spent time, on an outdoor patio with nutritionist Clara Homs, learning about sugar-related food choices and their impact on the body; parents spent time indoors listening to a briefing given by pediatrician Ana Sebastián touching on topics such as tooth decay, obesity, and the importance of restful relaxation for young children.

At noon, this past Saturday, it was time for all of the families to gather and play the “Sugar Search” game.  With various food items laid out on tables, parents and children were asked to guess how much sugar was contained in each product and then source the actual data.

Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in a packet of jellybeans that children often eat after school?  Or, any number of popular sugar-sweetened drinks?   You’d be surprised!  Just as many of our families were.

IMG_8968In our L’esport Suma nutrition workshops, it is so important for us to empower families towards the healthiest of food choices based upon their intended level of activity per day. And this past Saturday’s workshop was no exception! The whole family got ready to prepare and cook a simple and fantastic “pre-physical activity” recipe for any age: healthy energy bars!  Have you tried one before? Have you thought how fun it would be to make them yourself with your favourite ingredients? Imagine the possibilities!

In our workshop this past Saturday our families used oats and an assortment of seeds, in addition to, a bit of coconut, raisin, chocolate, almonds and peanut butter.The result was mmmdelicious!

Gearing up for some sport activity and want to learn how to make healthy granola bars for good energy?! Take a look at this recipe.

Have fun and eat healthy!

This workshop has been possible thanks to the generous support of our spanish partner Grupo Ifa, who collaborates with us organizing healthy cooking workshops and informational campaigns for children and families living in Spain. More information