The adequate structure of a healthy meal at L’Esport Suma

Healthy eating allow us to have more energy to perform the fullest in our daily activities and even pay more attention in class. When we eat better, we feel better- both mentally and physically. That is why, proper distribution of meals, was the main topic covered during the Nutritional Family workshops held during the month of March at L’Esport SUMA (Badalona) at Casal dels Infants. Take note and start the whole family in a healthy lifestyle!

The structure of a healthy meal

One of the lessons the workshop emphasized before even learning how to structure their plates was what should you first structure it with. There are 6 nutrients that are crucial in order for your body to function properly. These nutrients are: carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

First, begin with your protein. A good place to start when portioning out protein is to use the size of your fist as a guide. Women typically aim for about 4-8 ounces of protein, while men usually go for 6-12 ounces. Next, you must select your vegetable. Your vegetable section should cover half your plate. Also try to go with green, leafy veggies such as kale, spinach, collards, etc. You can substitute this section with fruit every now and then, but fruits should be eaten in moderation while vegetables should be eaten in abundance. You can also add fats to your plate, but not just any fats. You want healthy fats. Examples of these include avocados, fatty fish, cheese, and nuts. Finally, your last section should include some type of carbohydrate. Some examples of good carbs are potatoes, rice, and grains.

The families at L’Esport SUMA put all of these practices and tips into action. They did so by preparing a delicious salad where fruits, vegetables and whole grains were the main ingredients used. The little ones were so delighted with.

5 fingers, 5 meals a day

Eating several times a day without skipping one of these five meals allow us to take care of our health, lead a healthy diet, avoid diseases and possible food deficiencies. When we eat 5 times a day, we’re letting our body know that is doesn’t have to use our fat reserves, therefore automatically preventing us the temptations of eating sweets and other unhealthy items. Count on your five fingers and you will never forget or skip any of these meals again: breakfast, mid- morning snack, lunch, mid- afternoon snack and dinner.

Here at Gasol Foundation, we encourage parents, educators, families and communities as a whole to promote physical activity and healthy eating amongst all children. That way, they are constantly being motivated and inspired by those around them. Doing this is beneficial for all children’s physical and emotional development. Together, we can help them create healthy habits at a young age so they are able to carry these same habits into adulthood.