Winners of Gasol Foundation’s “Draw Your Favorite Sport” Art Contest

The Gasol Foundation received many drawings and we want to thank all of the children and young people who participated in this contest in celebration of April 6th, World Physical Activity Day.

We would also like to thank all of the parents, relatives and/or legal guardians who submitted drawings on the children’s behalf.  By encouraging a love of sport and physical activity, you are helping children and young people everywhere live healthier lives.

After careful deliberation, contest judges have made their decision.  The winners of the “Draw Your Favorite Sport” art contest are:

First Category (ages 2 to 12 years of age)

1. First prize: Claudia, 6 years old (Spain) “Swimming together is fun”


Like Claudia, the Gasol Foundation promotes the value of playing sports as a family.

2. Second prize: Carmen, 9 years old (Spain) “I love to play sports where children play together, like they do in Korfball”


There are a variety of sports that we can choose to play that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Carmen has chosen Korfball, a sport in which boys & girls play on the same team.

Second Category (ages 13 to 18 years of age)

1. First prize: J-Art, 13 years old (Philippines): “The Philippines is a small country filled with so much heart and so many cheerful smiles. We play joyfully, despite the occasional hole in the court and child playing without shoes. This does not disappoint us. We continue to play.”


Gasol Foundation promotes sport as an effective motivational tool.  Sports can help a child overcome life’s many adversities.

2. Second prize: Isabel, 13 years old (Spain) “My teammates and I competing in the 2015 Winter Regional Swimming Championship, Women’s 200 Freestyle”


In competition, regardless of whether you win or lose, working as a team with other athletes can be so rewarding.

Finally, there were many children under five years old who submitted drawings into our contest, so we wanted to recognize their contribution and artistic talent by highlighting one of these drawings.  We believe that instilling a love of sports early on in a child’s life facilitates long-term healthy habits.

13206_10206464112909699_6583487673408341212_nDaniel, 4 years old (Spain)

“Although I am still very small and need to be a few years older to qualify for the basketball team, playing the sport is one of my goals when I grow a little more!!”

Congratulations to all of the winners! We will be contacting you shortly with follow up information.

And thank you so much, again, to everyone for your participation.  We hope that you will all participate in Gasol Foundation’s next art contest!