Cocktail Party in celebration of Vida! Health and Wellness

Looking back: a cocktail reception, in celebration of the last two years of Vida! Health & Wellness, took place on January 27th in Los Angeles at the beautiful home of Nancy Tellem.  Nancy was kind and gracious enough to host 65 friends of the Foundation together to not only celebrate the accomplishments and milestones that Vida! Health and Wellness has reached, but to also learn about where Gasol Foundation is headed in the years to come.

GasolFoundation_LACocktailParty_25Live classical music filled the air while guests enjoyed cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and socialized with one another. The most common topic of conversation throughout the night was focused on Gasol Foundation and the ways in which people wanted to support the organization’s work. Pau spoke about how he envisioned Gasol Foundation as a healthy safe haven for young children and their families and shared how happy he and Marc have been over the last two years to see the progress and impact the Foundation has had in the community.

GasolFoundation_LACocktailParty_44We hosted a spirited group of other event speakers, too!  Leader of the Healthy Lifestyle and Obesity Clinic in Memphis, Dr. Joan Han – a few of Gasol Foundation’s very special Vida! children: Sergio, Kamili and Zahari – and one of our Vida! parent champions, Maria Gutierrez. Maria made note during the night, “My daughters and I are closer than ever. We support eat other to eat better, are more active and feel more confident. All because of the Vida! Program”.

Gasol_LACocktailParty_PauWithCrowdGasol Foundation would like to extend a very special thank you to the evening’s sponsors for their meaningful support: our presenting sponsor, SCS – our activity sponsors, CAA and CalFinancial Group – and our dessert and beverage sponsors, Culinary Collective and Muga.

Looking forward: our goal is to empower more children, more parents, and more communities to live healthier lives.  Cheers to 2016!