CommUNITY Wellness

CommUNITY Wellness is a health and wellness program for residents offered at select affordable housing communities in San Antonio, Texas. The program teaches healthy lifestyles for children ages 6 and up, families, and adult residents and encourages the community to come together to practice healthy habits.

CommUNITY Wellness takes health promotion to where people live and engages residents to participate in six 2-hour sessions of healthy learning. The program invites participants to come together to explore the topics of physical activity, physical activity, sleep and emotional well-being. CommUNITY Wellness currently takes place at the 4 housing communities in San Antonio, Texas: Westlake Villas Apartments, San Mateo Apartments, Heights on Perrin Apartments, and The Grove Apartments.

Program Benefits

CommUNITY Wellness provides unique workshops, materials, activities, handouts and recipes created specifically for TI Communities residents. The program reduces the risk of obesity by promoting healthy habits for all. The CommUNITY Wellness program helps both adult and youth participants to improve their eating habits, sleep quantity and quality, and emotional well-being, as well as increase physical activity.

Our Impact

  • 90% of participants stated that program expectations were met
  • 93% of participants would recommend to others and repeat participation in the program
  • Results show a BMI decrease across adult participants
  • The anthropometric variables are measured show most adults improved their weight status
  • After completing the program, participants felt better about their overall health in general
  • Participants reported building better relationships with neighbors and housing management


participated in the program

100 %

of healthy habit indicators

showed improvement in areas of physical activity, healthy eating, sleep and emotional well-being

100 %

of psychosocial indicators

showed improvement in participants’ attitudes, self-efficacy, knowledge and skills around healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and emotional well-being