Eating healthy can be difficult. Despite this, it’s important to understand that eating right is not only doable, but crucial for today’s children and youth. When partaking on a new health journey, many questions may arise along the way. In order to support and provide answers to these questions, Gasol Foundation, through My Healthy Plate nutritional guide want to make learning about healthy eating both knowledgeable and fun: DOWNLOAD HERE A FULL SIZE MY HEALTHY PLATE POSTER.

About My Healthy Plate


Having a clear understanding of healthy eating and nutritional concepts is important, especially at a young age. Appropriate dietary habits learned in childhood often carry into adulthood. Therefore, teaching children at a young age how to eat healthy and why they should be doing so, will help them stay healthy throughout their lives. 

What is this eating plate you ask? The Healthy Plate, created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health and editors at Harvard Health Publications, provides detailed guidance, in a simple format, to help people make the best eating choices.

This healthy eating guide is literally a plate divided into 4 sections. These sections are distinguished by 4 different colors: yellow, green, orange and blue. The colors represent grains, vegetables, fruits and protein, respectively. The fruits and vegetables section should cover half of your plate, with the vegetable section larger than the fruit section. As far as the grains and protein, both groups should be equal. And lastly, your healthy plate should be accompanied by the healthiest beverage: water.

Providing creative ways that make healthy eating fun, like the healthy plate, makes nutritional eating interesting for kids while simultaneously making them aware of what they are consuming. DOWNLOAD HERE A FULL SIZE MY HEALTHY PLATE POSTER

“Make It Healthy Make It Fun” at Home

Healthy Plate Activity at the Campus Escola Basquet Girona Marc Gasol

You can make the concept of healthy eating fun too by organizing a fun activity at home! The activity is as follows: DOWNLOAD HERE A FULL SIZE MY HEALTHY PLATE POSTER and set it up where your family members can find the poster and read about the healthy plate’s structure. The posters also contain advice regarding physical activity, the importance of rest, awareness, hydration, etc.

Prepare several options for today’s lunch/dinner and use color cues in order to identify the correct food group for each option. Each family member has to select which option they want on their plates, while making sure they place them in there correct color-coded food group section. Refrigerate leftovers and repeat the activity as many times as needed until the whole family understands how to set up a healthy plate.

This activity is important to understand the importance of a balanced diet, tips in which you can accomplish this, and how to have a blast at the same time. Mission accomplished! And who said healthy eating couldn’t be fun?