Eating Healthy While Keeping Your Grocery Bill Low

Not all healthy foods are expensive. Actually, you can find plenty of high-quality, nutritious food for cheap at your local supermarket. Foods such as brown rice, oats, bagged spinach, beans, nuts, yogurt and tofu are healthy and affordable. Gasol Foundation wants to show you that eating healthy at a low price is possible. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

When you’re on a budget and grocery shopping, it can feel nearly impossible to stock up on healthy foods. However, there are healthy food options out there that don’t involve a great economical expense. Moreover, certain habits like reducing the time you eat out, will help you  carry out a healthy diet without putting a strain on your wallet. Below are some examples of suggestions you can follow in order to eat healthy while on a budget.

  • Make a grocery list: It’s important to make a supermarket list, not only to keep track of the items you need, but also to organize your diet. By compiling an organized grocery list and meal plan, you never have to wonder what’s for dinner or resort to take-out. It is already difficult enough not having healthy ingredients at hand. By creating this list, you’ll know exactly which foods to pick up each trip to the market. Therefore, you’ll already have everything you need to prepare tasty and healthy meals. In other words, making a shopping list saves us time, money and is good for our health.


  • Look for offers and compare prices A good way to compare prices between brands is by reading the labels, not only to know the expiration date, but also to know the ingredients of such products. Moreover, visiting different supermarkets can help you find better prices and discounts. Also, collecting coupons is also good to implement when going grocery shopping. They offer discounts and sales on the produce you buy. Think of yourself as a bargain hunter looking for ways to cut your grocery bill while saving on healthy groceries.


  • Buy seasonal food: As the seasons change, so does the fresh produce that is available. There are many benefits to eating seasonally. Such foods not only taste better, but are more economical, have a higher nutritional value and are more environmentally-friendly.


  • Cook and storage: Family cooking is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. The whole family can get together one morning or free afternoon to chop and stock fruits and vegetables to mix with meals for the entire week. You can keep food in Tupperware and other containers so you and your family are able to take your healthy foods on the go. Cooking healthy foods ahead of time and packing them in advance makes healthy eating more manageable.


  • Avoid large amounts of food: It is very necessary to control rations. Food rations should be ½  vegetables, ¼ protein and ¼  grains or legumes. These portions need to be accordance with the age and weight of each person. By having some type of ration or portion control, you will be forced to eat what your body needs instead of overindulging. All these measure will ease your path to a healthy lifestyle!


The families at Casal dels Infants learned that healthy eating goes hand in hand with low prices. Thanks to the Nutritional Family Workshop conducted by Gasol Foundation, which was held during the month of May at our L’Esport Suma programming with Casal dels Infants at Badalona, the little ones and grown ups were encouraged to put these tips into practice at home. Remember, good nutrition starts with smart choices at the supermarket. With our tips you will be able to make those choices! Ready to go shopping? Let’s go!