Eating Protein with L’Esport SUMA families

Protein is an essential nutrient in the adequate development of children. Foods such as chicken, meat, fish, milk, legumes and eggs not only contain sufficient amounts of protein, but they all help children grow up healthy and strong, if consumed on a daily basis. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, skin and blood. Did you know that 10 percent of a child’s energy comes from protein? Incorporating protein in your child’s diet will provide them with the vitality to play and exercise, as well as a mental boost when it comes to their academics.

As you may have already guessed, the main topic in our Nutritional-Workshops held during the month of April at L’Esport SUMA (Badalona) in collaboration with Casal dels Infants was that of proteins. Keep reading if you want to learn more about proteins and their significance in the human body!

In Which Foods Can I Find Protein?

This basic nutrient is needed by everyone to maintain and repair the body, but it is especially important for babies, toddlers and young people because it supports their growth and development. Always try to encourage children to eat healthy foods and reduce the consumption of processed foods such as hamburgers, sausages and bacon because these particular foods have a lot of salt, saturated fats and contain high caloric contents.

How Much Protein  Should I Eat ?

Below is a simple breakdown of the food portions of certain proteins that should be on your plate:

  • Meat: 3 – 4 portions per week. (Of which 2 should be red meat.)
  • Fish: 3 – 4 portions per week.  (Of which 2 should be blue fish.)  
  • Eggs: 3 – 4 portions per week.
  • Legumes: 2-4 portions per week.
  • Dairy products: 2-3 rations per day .

It is important to keep in mind that portions vary from children to adults. For instance, babies and toddlers grow at such a rapid rate, they need more protein per body weight than older kids and adults.The ration of a child, should never be the same as an adult or an adolescent.

The families at L’Esport SUMA also got to enjoy tasting various types of proteins! Together, after a sports session, both parents and children participated in a dynamic cooking workshop where both had to work together in order to create an exquisite recipe. On the menu: delicious and nutritional wraps served with a side of fruit and vegetables. The end result: everyone enjoyed their tasty creations and couldn’t wait to go back for more!

At Gasol Foundation, we encourage teachers, parents and families to share the the same vision when it comes to healthy eating and the importance of physical activity. Together, let’s continue to motivate and support all children to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to enhance their overall well-being.