Did you miss our 1st ever #GasolFoundationHealthyChat on Twitter? Don’t worry! We have compiled a brief resume with all the questions we received and the tips we shared with our followers. Don’t skip the next one!

#GFHealthyChat ENG

Q1 Our kids love to cook, but we’re afraid they might cut or burn themselves… #GFHealthyChat

A1  Supervise them while they cook! There are also special kitchen tools for kids to use. The youngest can mix the salad  while the oldest can do more complex tasks. #GFHealthyChat

A1 Whether they’re helping you cook or simply watching, kids must be familiar with basic safety rules in the kitchen. #GFHealthyChat 

kitchen rulesQ2 What’s the best age to start cooking? #GFHealthyChat

A2 There’s no “right age” to start cooking; it’s important for them to experiment with food when they’re very little: taste, textures, smell. #GFHealthyChat

A2 Once your kids are able to manipulate food with their hands it’s time to start! Cooking together will strengthen your relationship with them. #GFHealthyChat

involve kids kitchen

Q3 What’s the easiest recipe for introducing kids to cooking? #GFHealthyChat

A3 Cold desserts! Mix different types of fruit with yogurt or cheese. Use your imagination to create colorful and original dishes. #GFHealthyChat


Q4 My nephews are 10 and 12 years old and have no interest in cooking. How can I motivate them? #GFHealthyChat

A4 Ask them to think of some cool recipes and go together to pick out the best ingredients while having fun. #GFHealthyChat

A4 Never say “no” in the kitchen! Let them taste, smell and touch everything. A little mess never hurt anybody.    #GFHealthyChat

A4 Another great way to get kids excited about cooking is by giving them illustrated cookbooks for them to read. #GFHealthyChat


#Tip Sit together as a family and enjoy what you made together. Then you can try and repeat the experience with different recipes! #GFHealthyChat

Q5 During the week we don’t have time to cook together. And on the weekends the kids would rather play in the park. What can we do? #GFHealthyChat

A5 Check out this video: Cooking is essential for developing a healthy relationship with food! #GFHealthyChat

A5: Reserve 1h/week. Cooking can be as fun as playing in the park, make them believe it by cooking together a fun recipe! #GFHealthyChat

#Tip Make cooking fun by playing games: give each child an ingredient and have them put together a whole meal! #GFHealthyChat + RECIPE


  • The kitchen is a great place to teach them the importance of washing their hands and keeping their workplace clean and tidy. #GFHealthyChat
  • We can invite kids to join us in the kitchen when they’re 2-3 years old. They can help out by peeling fruit or mixing ingredients. #GFHealthyChat
  • Forget about keeping everything tidy and clean. The more relaxed you are, the more fun the kids will have. #GFHealthyChat
  • Teenagers might be interested in international cuisine! Try some new and exotic meals together, you’ll have a blast and try new flavors! #GFHealthyChat

This concludes our first-ever #GFHealthyChat! Thank you so much for participating and we hope you will stay tuned for the next ones!