A Family That Exercises Together, Stays Together

Did you know that there’s a positive correlation between rigorous physical activity and heightened academic achievement?

In children, coordinated body movement serves as a key component of their physical health and academic success.

And as an added bonus – when a child’s siblings and parents share in the exercise too, everyone wins!  Not only do family members grow physically stronger and do better in school, they also strengthen the bonds they share with each other.

Looking for a few fun ways to engage in physical activity with your family?

Walkers post raceStep by Step

After meals, do you and your children tend to veg out in front of a tv, a tablet, or a computer?  Before sitting down, gather everyone together and take a tour around the neighborhood.  Not only does a brisk walk benefit digestion, it also benefits communication.  There will be time for each member of the family to share a few moments of their day, the highs and the lows, as both are equally important to express.  

Make the Most of the Screens!– If you can’t beat ‘em, join ’em!

Instead of dragging the kids away from video games, use them to your advantage by choosing games that will keep everyone physically active. There are consoles with which you can play and exercise all at the same time! Host a Family Olympiad or play a bowling, dancing or rock music game – anything that will keep everyone’s body moving!

If you and your kids are more interested in watching TV, challenge them to perform a physical activity (like jumping jacks or dance steps) during all of the commercial breaks.

Deck3Explore and Discover Together

Love nature?  Leave technology behind for a few days and travel outside of the city with your family.  Spend time outdoors, explore a mountain trail, or take a walk around a beautiful lake.  Your children will love it!  

Strike a Pose!

Not interested in the great outdoors?  What about an indoor yoga session? This millennial practice has proven to hold many benefits.  Just slip on some comfy clothes, find a bit of flat floor space, and namaste away!   And, don’t worry if the kids aren’t able to follow the exercises to a T, this activity has more to do with relaxation, stretching, and sharing in some fun.

Organize an Event

Organize a multi-family football, basketball, or baseball game at a public park. Invite neighborhood families, school families, or those of your coworkers.  The more the merrier for family time is the best time.   

Do you and your family prefer to do a physical activity not mentioned above?  If so, share it with us!   We’d love to hear more about it!