The Importance of Infantile Self-Esteem in the Promotion of Healthy Habits

Gasol Foundation’s main goal is to reduce childhood obesity rates through the promotion of healthy habits. We accomplish this by working in parallel with the four pillars of health: physical activity and sports, healthy eating, sleep quality and duration of rest, and emotional well-being. If a child is emotionally stable and

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Ten Commandments for a Healthy Family Eating Routine

The first quarter of the year in Gasol Foundation’s L’Esport SUMA focuses on the promotion of a healthy diet. Practices the families have learned pertaining to healthy habits, particularly a healthy diet, include: eating vegetables, drinking water, and grocery shopping, cooking and eating as a family. First, the parents start

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Family Plus Physical Activity Equals Fun!

The month of January for Vida! Health and Wellness was all about physical activity.  Did you know that regular physical activity in children, adolescents, and adults has big benefits? It not only makes them healthier and fit, but it lowers their risk of chronic diseases and suffer from obesity. Keep

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For a Healthier 2018, Make it a Family Affair!

January 2018 is here! With the month of January comes numerous New Year resolutions and goals. Gasol Foundation believes our four pillars of health- physical activity, healthy eating, quality and duration of sleep, and emotional well-being are crucial to overall health. Below are 10 tips pertaining to these four pillars you

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