Bicycling is Healthy and Fun for Children

In order for children to stay healthy and physically fit, it is important for them to be physically active. There are numerous activities children can participate in that offer an adequate amount of exercise and that are also very fun as well. One of these activities is bicycling. Bicycle riding

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Good Nutrition Is Our Mission!

The month of November for Gasol Foundation Vida! Health and Wellness was all about nutrition. Both our Vida! parents and kids learned good nutrition combined with physical activity, are the stepping stones to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, reducing risks of chronic diseases, and living an overall healthy lifestyle.

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The Importance of Sleep Quality and Rest for a Healthy Life

As we shared with you last month, a new school year has started in our L’Esport SUMA program, a project that Gasol Foundation carries out in collaboration with Casal dels Infants in Badalona that targets families at risk of social exclusion. L’Esport SUMA holds monthly sessions to promote healthy family

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