L’Esport Suma Programming Activities

New workshop in L’Esport Suma: The Importance of Family Meals

Eating together as a family is a good time to unite, educate and share with one another. Therefore, we need to start promoting the importance of eating at the table with the family beginning at a young age. Eating together isn’t just about satisfying everyone’s hunger, rather, sitting around the

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L’esport Suma: recap of our first nutrition workshop

Ever wonder if nutrition could be fun? Our children and parents did! L’esport Suma first workshop debuted in October called ‘The basics of nutrition’, with the aim of promoting a balanced diet among children and parents. Nutritionist Clara Homs emphasized the importance of a colorful plate. Too often, healthy eating

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New healthy habits workshop in Badalona: Do not skip breakfast!

Last week, our L’Esport Suma families took part in the third of ten healthy lifestyle workshops planned in Badalona, Spain, focused on nutrition. Building on the last workshop’s daily sugar intake lesson , we focused this time around on two often-forgotten meals: breakfast and the afternoon snack. Doctors and nutritionists have advised on the

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