Vida! Programming Activities

Express Yourself! Meditation, Yoga, and the Creative Arts

The month of March for Vida! Health and Wellness in South LA, Watts, and Boyle Heights was all about meditation, yoga, expanding the imagination, and creative art expression. What are some benefits of meditation and yoga, you ask?  Well, the art of practicing these centering activities helps to balance an

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Cocktail Party in celebration of Vida! Health and Wellness

Looking back: a cocktail reception, in celebration of the last two years of Vida! Health & Wellness, took place on January 27th in Los Angeles at the beautiful home of Nancy Tellem.  Nancy was kind and gracious enough to host 65 friends of the Foundation together to not only celebrate

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Vida! Gardening Adventures

Thanks to our Vida! Health & Wellness Gardening Adventures in January, our Vida! families were able to bond with Mother Nature and spend time exploring all the magic and fun that can be found in a garden setting! It wasn’t just digging in dirt – oh no, not for our

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