Children can have an Active Summer with Fun and Exercise!

Summer has arrived! During this time, all one typically wants to do is be lazy, sleep all day and forget all about our daily routines and habits. This especially applies to children, who have more free time during the summer. Adolescents and children have a tendency to become sedentary and to push aside physical activity. On the contrary, summertime is supposed to be filled with fun outside in the sun! Whether it’s summer camp, running around and playing outside with friends, or going for a swim, it is important that kids find a physical activity of their liking they will look forward to doing and that fulfills their physical necessities and well-being. Read on to learn more about summer activities for kids that are anything but lazy!


  • Beach Trip: Nothing says summer quite like the beach! Organize a family beach trip in which you can walk along the shore, collect seashells, build sand castles, and of course, take a dive in the ocean and enjoy the water. After all, aquatic activities provide numerous health benefits!

  • Bicycling: Surely somewhere in the house you have a couple of bikes. Now is the perfect time to take them for a spin! Hop on your bike with your children and enjoy the fresh air, landscape and scenery as you bike through a nature route. Also, bike riding is a fantastic aerobic and cardiovascular workout too.

  • Playtime at the Park: Another good option to keep children active is to motivate them to go out to the park in the afternoons to play with their friends. This can be done with either a ball, skates, or with traditional games such as Hide and Seek or tag. The main objective is to just be outdoors having fun while simultaneously incorporating simple exercise and movement.

  • Rediscover Your City: Plan an excursion around your city for the whole family. Surely there’s plenty of areas and locations you may not know about. Grab a bottle of water, a healthy snack and start walking!  Both you and your family and friends will become a group of tourists that will be ready to explore and rediscover the city. Day to day, you can walk leisurely with your children around the neighborhood, whether it’s running errands or walking the dog- both are perfect examples that provide an adequate amount of exercise for the summer. Indeed, something as simple and easy as walking can be very healthy and good for us.

  • Summer Dance Party: Create a summer playlist with your children’s favorite music so the whole family can show off their best moves! Tell your children to grab a few friends and start dancing. What can be more fun than jumping, singing and grooving to the music with your children and their pals? Taking a summer Zumba class or any other dance class is another fun option they can do as well.


Thanks to this Gasol Foundation summer activities list, there’s no reason children should not be physically active and fit this summer! Encourage family and friends to try one or all of these activities in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe the values of sport and exercise are crucial in order to guarantee the proper physical and emotional development in children!