IMG_4356As we at Gasol Foundation have expressed on multiple occasions, promoting healthy lifestyle habits among young people is both necessary and essential.

Initiatives such as the PPGA (Pau Gasol Academy), where physical activity and sports play a key role, are very good recreational options for children during their vacation time. But this is not the only factor in our fight against childhood obesity.

Learning from a young age about sports-related values and about how to eat a balanced diet, is just as important as playing sports.

IMG_4166For that reason, the Gasol Foundation wanted to put its two cents in and improve the education of young athletes at the PPGA by organizing additional workshops which contribute to their education and training.

In order to address this fact, over the course of the week we organized various sports sessions like the NBA Cares Clinic and the adaptive sport workshops, hosted alongside the FCEDF (Catalan Foundation for Disabled Sports). These activities aim to teach children about the importance of having good values when practicing sports.

IMG_4246Additionally, given the importance of family when it comes to educating children about healthy eating habits, we have invited young people and their families to learn about nutrition via various workshops and talks.

Through this combination of theoretical and practical sessions, we feel we have contributed to shaping the young people at the PPGA, with a comprehensive education which will enable them to progress favorably both on and off the court.

  • NBA Cares Clinic
  • Adaptive sport workshop
  • Nutrition workshop
  • Nutrition family talk