At Gasol Foundation we offer advice and guidelines for children and adolescents so that they can eat a healthy diet, as well as workout out and rest the proper amount in order to assure optimal physical and cognitive development. Sports are an important part of a healthy life, but it is also important that the sports practiced be in accordance with their limitations and their preferences. That’s why we have prepared the following tips to motivate kids and adolescents to participate in sports which make sense for their age and abilities, in order to get the whole family moving!

From 6-12 months-old: During this early stage of life, children can practice recreational activities such as: dancing, crawling and changing positions (sitting up, laying back, etc.). These simple, but effective exercises help kids to prepare for walking and to strengthen their body.  

From 12-24 months-old: During this stage, we strongly recommend the practice of matrogimnasia, the exercise practiced by parents with their children, in order to strengthen family bonds. It is important to exercise as a family (for example, going on short walks) and to play family games (like tag) in order to unite the family. 

From 1-3 years-old: At this age, children begin to become aware of their surroundings, become more curious and physically active; they want to spend all their time running outdoors. At this age, games such as races and treasure hunts are perfect for keeping them active and boosting their imagination.   

From 4-5 years-old: Children begin to concentrate and follow instructions. At this age, children need physical activities that enhance their mobility and stability, such as jumping, ball games, bike riding and skating, as these sports help children’s motor skills.

From 6-9 years-old:  As children get older, it’s important for them to take part in activities with other children, so that they can learn to socialize. Some examples include: soccer, basketball, relay races, etc. Team sports contribute to children’s confidence and make them feel comfortable playing on a team. This is also an age at which it is key for them to start living an active life, so that they can continue to do so as adults.

From 10-15 years-old:  At this age team sports like baseball, volleyball or hockey also prevail.  As children enter their teenage years, they look for their own identity and voice; they enjoy activities where they can show off their athletic abilities. It’s important for teenagers to like the sport so that they feel part of the team.

Here at Gasol Foundation we encourage parents, teachers, and family members to help children develop an exercise routine from a young age, in order to educate them on the importance of leading a healthy life.