Healthy Family Fun for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! On this national holiday, we reflect upon what we are thankful for, spend quality time with family and friends, and consume all of that delicious Thanksgiving cuisine.

Did you know that we indulge far more calories over the Thanksgiving holiday than any other day of the year? Your typical Thanksgiving feast may include turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, dressing, corn pudding, candied yams, pumpkin pie, cornbread, creamed spinach, etc. You’ve probably planned the perfect Thanksgiving menu. But, have you planned how you are going to stay physically active during this time?

Our goal is to emphasize the importance of physical activity during the upcoming holidays. Below is a list of suggestions you can incorporate in your daily routine!

  • Get Outside– If you’re up early in the a.m. before all of the festivities begin, go outside with the whole family for a walk or a run instead of hitting the gym.
  • Do It Fast– If you don’t have a full hour to devote towards working out, do an at-home circuit workout. These circuits are 20 minutes or less.
  • Find a Turkey Trot– Sign up for a morning Thanksgiving Day turkey trot. It can be a light 1 mile race or even a challenging 10K.
  • Get Creative– Get together with some family and friends and create fun, Thanksgiving Day exercises to perform together. You can do Pilgrim Planks or Cranberry Sauce Crunches.
  • Throw a Dance Party– Gather the entire family, play some music and start dancing. Have fun while burning some calories.


Here are some additional tips that are important to keep in mind during this time of the year:

  • Eat in the Morning– Don’t skip breakfast just so you can save your appetite for Thanksgiving dinner. Doing so may cause you to overeat at dinner time.
  • Stay Hydrated– Drink water throughout the day. Not doing so could cause hunger pains, which may actually be thirst.
  • Eat on a Smaller Plate– Consume your Thanksgiving meal on a smaller plate. Doing this will allow you to eat in moderation.

The Ultimate Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

Eating often takes center stage during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on good health. At Gasol Foundation we believe Thanksgiving does not have to sabotage your healthy lifestyle. If on top of our physical activity suggestions for these days, you are hoping to have a healthier Thanksgiving meal, check out our healthy Thanksgiving recipes we have compiled just for you. You may just find a few that will end up on your table this year!

Cheers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!