At Christmas and throughout the holiday season, children tend to be less active, watching a lot of television late at night, eating unhealthy meals, and even eating after hours. Because of this sedentary lifestyle, they foster unhealthy habits that affect their sleep routines and their metabolisms.

We are aware that it’s often difficult for parents to think of new ways to entertain their children and make them do exercise or develop healthy lifestyles.  For this reason, Gasol Foundation would like to share with you some activities that you can enjoy with your family this Christmas season.


If you have time and love to be outdoors, running, jumping and being in constant movement, these activities are perfect for you to practice with your children.

Source: onlineathens.com1. Sack race

This fun game consists in jumping around using cloth sacks. Children get inside the sacks and grab the edge with their hands. The person who arrives first to the finish line, wins the race. With this activity, you’ll not only get children running and jumping, but they will also improve their motor skills, as not only speed is needed for running, but also balance.  It is also a perfect opportunity for parents and children to have fun together, because the game is for all ages. 

2.  Christmas treasure hunt game is ideal to play with children of all ages, and can be played at home or outside. The activity consists in hiding a small treasure somewhere and then placing different clues all around the house, to allow the participants to try and find the treasure. Parents think of the clues and they guide the little ones though the game. This dynamic activity allows children to run around and have fun in the company of their parents, siblings and friends.

3. Enjoying the Christmas lights together better way to spend quality time with your family than walking around and enjoying the beautiful Christmas lights  that are all over your hometown or city? Arrange an outing for the weekend, you can go out in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset and the city while you and your family wait for the lights show to begin. Your children will be delighted and you will see how their faces light up with joy upon seeing the lights.



If you prefer doing activities inside your home, then the following games will be ideal for you and your family.

1. Recreating Christmas Stories better way to keep children active and help them enjoy the magic of the holidays than recreating classic tales? Through this activity, children will be able to test their  creativity and cleverness by performing the most emblematic scenes of the story, they will reinforce their reading and memory and can improve their self-confidence and sense of responsibility. In the evening parents can even enjoy a show put on exclusively by their children.

2. Gift Wrap Race

regalos-por-edad-navidad-contufamiliaThis activity consists in organizing two or more teams, depending on how many children want to play. Each of the team members must wrap a package ( shoebox) with their teammates to see which team is the fastest. In this game children develop their creativity, agility, and teamwork skills.

What do you think about our ideas for getting active? Do you have others you would like to share with us? It doesn’t matter which game you decide to play, because at Gasol Foundation we believe that the important thing is that children have fun, get moving, stay away from the computer or television screens and spend quality time with their parents. Being on vacation gives us a lot of opportunities to enjoy time with family and the possibilities of doing activities together are infinite!