Let’s play jugger with the families at L’Esport Suma!

Here at Gasol Foundation we believe in promoting an active lifestyle is through sports. In particular, we work to promote the practice of sports in a fun and safe manner. For this reason, at the last extracurricular session of L’Esport Suma we learned about a sport new to most of the participants: jugger. Want to know what is it and how it is played? Keep reading!

What is jugger?

Jugger is a sport created in Germany that combines physical elements of rugby and football, both ball games with wrestling elements. In jugger two teams of 5 players, try to score and prevent the opposite team from doing the same. How do they prevent this? With a ball call jugg and with weapons coated with soft material. Jugger is not a sport that is based on strength, but on skill, speed and strategy.

How to play:

The game starts with the referee shouting: “One…Two…Three…Jugger!” Every time a team scores, the jugg is placed in the center of the field.  The players must start each attack past their baseline and return to it after each goal. The two teams face each other on the field. The ball is not the most important element of the game, nor is scoring goals. They key is eliminating all of the players of the opposite team before carrying the ball to the rival goal. When all five players on a team are eliminated, the game ends with a confrontation between the runner of each team and a hand-to-hand combat using a Greco-Roman wrestling technique.

The only one allowed to carry the jugg and toss the ball into the opposite team’s goal is the runner, as they are able to hit or throw the ball. The rest of the players can make contact with the jugg using their weapons. The choice of the different types of weapons and their combination is also an important part of winning the different combats.

The health benefits of jugger

As you may know, all sports have multiple health benefits. Jugger can enhance specific abilities in boys and girls:

  • Strategic thinking: This is key to playing jugger as deciding the best means of attack and of scoring without being eliminated makes the game something exciting to play. The game helps children develop their cognitive and analytical capacities.
  • Teamwork: By playing jugger, children gain confidence in themselves, learn to collaborate with others, and become more open and sociable with their peers. Being part of a team allows them to feel comfortable in large groups, to overcome shyness and stage fright.
  • Improves speed and physical endurance: Jugger requires children to be active, run, carry weapons, and jump, among other things. This helps to improve their endurance and prepares them lead an active lifestyle as adults.
  • Exercises the body and imagination: While playing, children can picture themselves inside an epic Roman battle or inside some medieval tale while they workout. The long races to intercept the rival team, catch and block the ball, help them to strengthen their arm and leg muscles.

At Gasol Foundation we believe that it is important to encourage children to practice sports and incentivize them to develop healthy habits that they can carry on with them through adulthood. For this reason, we encourage parents, families and teachers to instill the practice of sports, healthy eating and proper rest among children.