The ‘Healthy Portion plate model’ with the families of L’Esport Suma

A healthy diet is defined as one that is balanced, varied, sufficient, safe and sensually satisfying. In order to schedule a healthy diet, it’s necessary to know the nutritional quality and use of different foods, which often are classified into groups according to nutritional content. That being said, it’s beneficial to add foods from all groups to one’s daily nutritional intake.

Preparando las recetas

That is why, in the context of collaboration between the Gasol Foundation and the Badalona  Casal dels infants with the L’Esport Suma program, it was held fourth out of ten workshops on nutrition, this time focusing on the importance of healthy, structural eating. While the kids enjoyed physical activities led on the outdoor patio, nutritionist Clara Homs gathered parents for an educational presentation on the correct nutritional schedule that should be followed during this developmental stage in their children’s lives.

As indicated by the nutritionist, it’s important to eat the appropriate portions of meat, fish, legumes, starches, dairy, fruits and vegetables-and always at the right times. In addition, in order to bridge the gap between meals, it’s recommended that one distribute their meals into five daily doses: three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two complementary (one at mid-morning and an afternoon snack).

The optimal structure of the food group plate is divided into the three following parts: vegetables must occupy half the portion, starches should cover a quarter (bread, pasta, rice, legumes and tubers such as potatoes) and the remaining quarter should contain foods rich in protein (meat, fish, eggs).  The best dessert…? A good serving of fruit and drinking water.

Lentejas con arroz, calabacín y cebollaThe workshop wrapped up tastefully as the parents and their children got to work and prepared three delicious and nutritious meals; putting into practice what they learned.

1.     Cous-Cous with tuna and veggies

2.     Lentils with rice, onions and zucchini

3.     Mug Cake

The meals were such a success, that each of the families promised to introduce their newfound nutritious recipes into their weekly menus. How about you? Would you try out these healthily delicious recipes? We hope to receive your photos with the final result!


*This workshop has been made possible thanks to the support of the IFA Group-in collaboration with our healthy cooking workshops with the common goal to promote healthy- nutritional habits.