VIDA! Health & Wellness

Gasol Foundation launched Vida! Health & Wellness in September 2014, its first U.S.-based enrichment and outreach initiative. With an initial emphasis on the children, parents and community surrounding Boyle Heights, Gasol Foundation’s Vida! programming is operating together with the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools and Parent College during the 2014-2015 academic school year. A first of its kind for Parent College, research has shown that children perform better academically when they are well-nourished, well-rested, feel balanced and are given time to be physically active.  That’s where Gasol Foundation comes in to help.

In the first few sessions, the Foundation has helped hundreds of kids and parents alike learn how to stay active and fit, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well.

Whether it’s teaching kids basketball drills, how to make playtime active, or showing parents the best ways to find cheap, healthy food in your neighborhood, the Gasol Foundation is on your team.

We believe that every child has the right to live a healthy and happy life; everyone is a role model to one another; and, everyone has a responsibility to themselves and to those they love.

In September, Pau & Marc held Homeroom Hello & Warm-up – an event filled with happy messages and fun basketball exercises, drills, and play time.

In October, the Foundation will hold the It Takes a Village gardening adventure and revitalization project.

In November, Pau & Marc welcome the Out & About in Boyle Heights Grocery Project and farm-to-table marketplace.

And in January, Vida! explores human physiology!