Vida! Programming: Graduation

Gasol Foundation Vida! Programming is in its last month. However, April is extremely special because our parents, who participate in the foundation, graduated through Partnership for Los Angeles Schools (PLAS). So not only did our parents receive a certificate of completion from Gasol Foundation, but also a graduation certificate from PLAS as well!

The graduation ceremony was about an hour long. Within that hour, all the instructors and administrators are introduced, the presentation of parent graduates and the awarding of their certificates occurred, individual accolades were given out, various raffles and give-ways were awarded- including one scholarship raffle, professional pictures were taken, and so much more! All the congratulatory applauses and cheers filled the auditorium from when the graduation began, all the way to its completion. There was even a “special recognition” section in the ceremony in which Gasol Foundation took a few moments to speak with the audience and share what we are all about and all that we do for the community. It gave us yet another opportunity to convey our goal of the importance of physical activity and nutrition to young people, with hopes that they will grow and led healthy lifestyles into adulthood.

Gasol Foundation was honored to be apart of this special day for our parents! We are very proud of all of them. By moving forward, completing the school year and walking across that stage to receive that certificate, they set an outstanding example for their children to follow. We look forward to seeing all of them back with Gasol Foundation programming next year, and hopefully some new faces as well!