Vida! Recap of Physiology is Fun! Day

Ever wonder what lies beneath your skin? Our children and parents did!

Gasol Foundation’s Vida! Health & Wellness programming resumed in January with “Physiology is Fun!” day. After the winter holiday break, it was good to be back!

This month was all about the body. Every child was named a Dr. for the day and received a name tag badge. Then, lead by Dr. Evan Sander of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the children immersed themselves into a wondrous world physiological function, anatomy, and dissection. Parents spent time with Dr. Marco Ayulo, of Millers Children’s Hospital of Long Beach, immersed in a wonderous world of physiological function, anatomy, and discussion.

Thank you so much to both Dr. Sander and Dr. Ayulo for extending their time and expertise! Our families came away from the sessions feeling so enriched.

Next up: Vida! explores the power of centering activities – reading, music and mindful meditation!