We say no to stress with the families of l’Esport Suma

IMG_3080Anxiety and stress don’t only affect adults; in fact, the number of children that suffer from alterations in behavior caused by anxiety or fear is rapidly growing.

Through the use of relaxation techniques, you can help your child to develop emotional intelligence and, at the same time, you can teach them healthy lifestyle habits that can be implemented throughout their life. With this in mind, the instructor Maria Mendoza visited the families of our l’Esport Suma program in Badalona, and provided a very pleasant experience for children and adults, teaching them how to relax with different techniques.

The session began with a talk for parents, during which Maria tried to learn more about each individual and family’s situation so she could give them advice on how to relate to themselves and to others by listening to their own body and the environment surrounding them. Then, to create a playful, but respectful atmosphere, she invited all children and adults to sit on the floor in a large circle to practice breathing exercises in order to achieve a state of wellbeing and reduce muscular and emotional stress.

IMG_3124The whole family actively participated in the various activities that the instructor introduced during the session and, while family ties were being tightened, everyone came to see how useful relaxation techniques can be for channeling energy.

Would you like to practice relaxation techniques at home? We have compiled a few routines which will help you to get to know your body and practice and acquire techniques which your body is in need of. Remember that it is more fun for the whole family to relax together, so the little ones can also learn to focus their restless energy!