What’s on the Menu?!

Join us for a brief look back at our April Vida! programming in South LA, Watts, and Boyle Heights.  So much was happening!

GasolFoundation_VidaSouthLA_2016-04-16_38While our Vida! children embarked on several, exciting culinary adventures focused on healthy kitchen hygiene, safe knife skills, and the joys of mixing, pouring, slicing, and dicing – our Vida! Garden high school students enjoyed a bit of spring harvest and pre-summer planting.

Gasol_VidaBoyleHeights_PauVisit_27Even our very own Pau Gasol jumped into the Vida! fun on April 30th while traveling through Los Angeles.
Thank you for being such a great Kitchen Sous Chef and Blueberry Farmer, Pau!

GasolFoundation_VidaWatts_2016-04-23_102Did you know that in addition to learning about delicious food – children who cook and practice the art of gardening also garner good-quality math, measurement, and sensory identification skills?  Recipes and gardens require active patience, counting, sequencing, and monitoring.  Take a look at a few of our kids doing just that!

Bon appetit, friends!