Families from Badalona participate in workshop on nutrition & healthy cooking


Last Thursday, May 28, as part of the l’Esport Suma program we organized a workshop on food and healthy cooking to promote the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet and how it affects the health of children and adults. This workshop was conducted by nutritionist Cristina Viader and answered questions like, “Why is eating right important?” and “How do I eat well?”

During the first part of the talk, attendees learned the importance of the nutritional role of food and the diseases that may arise from the deficit or abuse thereof, such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Families heard advice such as limiting the intake of sugar and salt. They also learned that planning the weekly menu in advance can be healthier and save money. Also, that buying and consuming seasonal fruits can also help save money.

During the second part of the workshop came the fun, where Cristina, with the help of some kitchen assistants, cooked three healthy, quick and easy recipes made with inexpensive ingredients.

Want to know what we made and how to cook it? Check out the recipes:

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* Recipes developed by Cristina Viader of