Fun Healthy Habits at Pau Gasol Academy

Healthy habits can be difficult, even for athletes. Whether it’s an individual who is athletic and plays sports recreationally, a competitive collegiate athlete or a professional athlete, sometimes grasping the concept of healthy habits can be tough. Despite this, it’s important to understand that eating right is not only doable, but crucial for today’s athletes. When partaking on a new health journey, many questions may arise along the way. In order to support and provide answers to these questions, Gasol Foundation, through Gasol Academy 2017, organized an event containing activities that made learning about healthy habits both knowledgeable and fun.

About the Healthy Eating Plate

To guarantee a menu composed of essential vitamins and nutrients for young athletes, Gasol Foundation supervised the Pau Gasol Academy menues. By doing this, Gasol Foundation was able to achieve a balance between rations and guarantee nutritional intake. Also, the concept of the Healthy Eating Plate was introduced. The plate serves as a guide to eating healthy. It is divided into 4 colors: yellow, green, orange and blue to represent grains, vegetables, fruit and protein, respectively

Make it Healthy Make it Fun!

Since the main goal was to reinforce healthy knowledge,Gasol Foundation organized  a fun activity at the Pau Gasol Academy. The activity involved 3 dining rooms at the PGA where young athletes could find posters and read about the healthy plate’s structure. The activity consisted of participants selecting which folds they wanted on their plates, while making sure they placed them in the correct color-coded food group section. Who said healthy habits can’t be fun?

NBA Jr Clinic & Gasol Foundation: Growing Together

Clinic NBA Junior

Around 150 children between the ages of 7 – 17 enjoyed a fun basketball clinic led by former NBA coach Neal Meyer and our very own, Pau Gasol. The Rising Stars athletes learned various basketball fundamentals including shooting, dribbling and passing techniques.However, the main goal of this initiative was to promote physical activity while simultaneously enforcing key sport values such as sacrifice, commitment, teamwork, perseverance, respect and solidarity. One of the most important lessons the kids took away from this clinic regarding these core values is not only can they all be applied on the court, but in life.

Blast Off into the Healthy Galaxy!

Family is essential in the develop of children and adolescents. This is why Gasol Foundation, together with the PGA families enjoyed a chat with Pau and his mother Marissa, who shared her knowledge and personal experiences as a mother of two athletes. She also talked about how she utilized the 4 healthy planets during Pau and Marc’s childhood. Marisa shared important tips for parents to keep in mind, such as establishing boundaries, being coherent in what you say and do, and the significance of family support.

Training Sessions with PGA’s Technical Staff and Trainers

Healthy Habits Workshop

Coaches play a crucial role in players’ lives. Besides educating players’ and developing them to their full potential, they also serve as support systems and role models. Gasol Foundation fully understands this; therefore, we organized a health session at the PGA lead by the Gasol Foundation coaches. They shared all of their knowledge and expertise, as well as reinforced key concepts on nutrition. We cannot thank them enough for their messages, training and encouragement. You’ve inspired and motivated PGA members in so many ways!