Gasol Foundation & UNICEF Spanish Committee raise awareness on children’s rights


Madrid, August 25th 2014.- Today Pau and Marc Gasol and Carmelo Angulo, the President of the UNICEF Spanish Committee, launched ‘Children First, wherever they are’, a collaboration between the Gasol Foundation and UNICEF Spanish Committee.  The program is an effort to generate social awareness about the need of prioritizing the most vulnerable children when it comes to public policies and in different sectors of our society. This program is the first collaborative effort of the organizations and will be focused on promoting childrens’ rights in the short term and long term.

With the support of the Gasol Foundation, UNICEF will create public initiatives to promote children’s rights through sports and social inclusion activities. The Gasols are passionate about promoting healthy habits through sports because they teach respect, effort and teamwork, providing the fundamentals for a healthy society.

During a meeting with the Gasol brothers, Angulo referred to the initiative of the organization to promote a State Pact for the most vulnerable children. Through the #YoPidoPacto campaign, UNICEF Spanish Committee aims to bring more people together in the protection of children’s rights.

The Spanish Basketball Federation will also collaborate with the Gasol Foundation and UNICEF to promote the initiative.

“I know well the consequences for children who lack access to adequate nutrition and healthy habits,” said Pau Gasol, ambassador of the UNICEF Spanish Committee since 2003, “And I also know how sports help children who have suffered wars and other terrible situations. Through our foundation, together with UNICEF, we will support initiatives to promote health and protection of children.”

Marc Gasol suggested the slogan Children First noting that “children do not have the ability to get everything they need for themselves. We, the adults, should do this work and ensure that wherever they are, children have the necessary tools to grow healthy and stay protected.”

Angulo thanks the Gasol brothers for their support and said, “We know that together we can achieve more for children and protect their rights. Children are currently being punished by poverty, deprivation and armed conflict, and it is our goal to create better conditions and opportunities for them so they can succeed.”