The Mediterranean Diet Foundation has presented its Barcelona Mediterranean Diet award through  the 2018 Food Fair to the Gasol Foundation. The event, which was held on April 16th in Barcelona, was chaired by David Mascort, Secretary General of Agriculture, Branch, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Also in attendance was Fernando Jose Burgaz, General Director of Agrifood Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Josep Lluís Bonet, President of the Fira de Barcelona, Francisco Martínez Arroyo, President of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, and Àlvaro Porro, Commissioner of Social Economy, Local Development and Consumption of the Barcelona City Council.

Gasol Foundation has been recognized with the Barcelona Mediterranean Diet Award “for carrying out initiatives in favor of health, especially those carried out with the aim of reducing the rates of childhood obesity and modifying the health habits of children and your families”. The award from the Mediterranean Diet Foundation aims to recognize individuals, entities and companies that defend and promote the values ​​of the Mediterranean Diet in favor of healthy lifestyles and a more sustainable planet.
The Mediterranean Diet Barcelona prizes are awarded while coinciding with the celebration of the XII International Congress of the Mediterranean Diet, in the stand of Prodeca, Catalonia Food & Gastronomy HUB, within the framework of Alimentaria 2018. They have also awarded the athlete Ona Carbonell, as a model for healthy habits, Dr. Gregorio Varela, founding member of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Food Sciences, and Carlos Latre, for his beliefs in Mediterranean values.

Healthy Habits For Healthy Families

It is an honor for Gasol Foundation to receive the Barcelona Mediterranean Diet award. This prestigious award represents the importance of following a varied, adequate and balanced diet to build healthier and stronger generations and achieve our goal Zero Childhood Obesity.
Gasol Foundatin always works under the approach that a “healthy life” does not only include regular physical activity, receiving the appropriate amount of rest and sleep, or promoting emotional well-being; rather, we also place much emphasis on the significance of a balanced, varied and adequate diet as well.  In fact, we demonstrate this under the parable that healthy habits are part of the “Healthy Galaxy”. This galaxy consists of 4 planets, one for each category of health: physical activity, healthy eating, sleep quality and duration, and emotional well-being. All “planets” or categories, interact and depend on one another; therefore, all are crucial when it comes to overall health.

We believe that following a healthy diet not only can be simple and fun, but is also very beneficial to partake in and enjoy with the entire family. Traditionally, much emphasis is placed on the dietary and nutritional recommendations of children’s diets, such as number of servings or recommended feeding times. From Gasol Foundation, we extended these recommendations in all our programs, activities and initiatives, taking into consideration that the nutritional objectives in childhood and adolescence cannot be achieved without taking into account aspects related to behavior and family habits.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle together as a family has numerous positive effects. Simply eating together at the family table, having all screens completely turned off during this time, and engaging in laughs and conversation with one another can make the transition of adopting a healthy way of living much easier and enjoyable for everyone. It can also provide educational opportunities for the young ones such as problem solving and working together as a unit, thus promoting cohesion and reduction of stress in the family which increases the likelihood of following a healthy diet and reduce risk of suffering from childhood obesity. Additionally, involving children and young people in the weekly shopping process helps them differentiate between healthy items and non-healthy items. They are also more inclined to consume the items they helped select from the grocery store or farmers market. In the same way, making children play an active role in the cooking process provides them a unique and fun learning experience where they can explore new foods, learn about nutrition, and develop fundamentals such as math and reading skills.

By utilizing all of these healthy approaches and techniques, Gasol Foundation is able to inspire and motivate children, youth and their families learn to enjoy healthy eating and include it in their daily routines to ensure optimal health both presently, and for years to come.