Gasol Foundation Vida! Health and Wellness is Back!

Vida! Health and Wellness is back and better than ever! With the new school year brings even more healthy learning and physical activities to partake in. In case you missed it, here is what September held. 

September’s session kicked off with all of the Gasol Foundation kids filling out in-class surveys. These surveys contained numerous questions regarding their personal health background and physical activity history. The surveys are to be utilized as a measuring tool in order to see how active the kids are on a daily basis, both in school and in their free time. Their weight, height and waist circumference was also taken by the Gasol Foundation staff in order to collect even more efficient data. 

Once the surveys and measurements were completed, the kids were provided a healthy snack and a water bottle before partaking in the physical activity session for the day. This particular session started with a simple game of catch as a warm-up. Did you know that at the early stages in a child’s life, playing catch is actually a good way to evaluate and improve physical coordination? In fact, not only can a game of catch help develop coordination, but dexterity and confidence as well. 

After this game, the kids were allowed to participate in what we here at Gasol Foundation call “free play”, meaning they could play any activity or sport of their choosing as long as they kept moving and remained active the remainder of the session. 

As you can see, September was a blast! And the best part is, we’re just getting started! See you all next month!