Good Nutrition Is Our Mission!

The month of November for Gasol Foundation Vida! Health and Wellness was all about nutrition. Both our Vida! parents and kids learned good nutrition combined with physical activity, are the stepping stones to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, reducing risks of chronic diseases, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. And since October was all about emotional wellbeing, the parents and kids also participated in various lessons, activities and games that illustrated the correlation between emotional wellbeing and nutrition. Keep reading to learn more about what November had to offer!

Let’s start with the kids…

The kids began their session with learning about My Healthy Eating Plate, a friendly, easy-to-understand visual tool that aids in teaching about major food groups. It is very useful when it comes to planning healthy meals and controlling portion sizes. Next, they learned about the “Go, Slow and Whoa” concept, in which “go” indicates foods that can be eaten most often, “slow”, foods that should be eaten less often, and “whoa”, foods that should be consumed very little. From there, the kids divided into teams and worked together to create healthy food group posters. The team with the best poster even won a prize!

For the physical activity portion, the kids participated in 3 games: The Grocery Run game, Healthy Red Light, Green Light, and the Nutritious A,B,C’s game. The most popular of these games by far was the Grocery Run game, where various healthy foods and produce were hidden outside and, after performing a few exercises, the kids would have to run as quickly as they could and find the items, somewhat like a scavenger hunt. The best part was they each got to keep all of the items they found!

Now to the parents…

The parents session was a blast as well! They too learned about MyPlate and which foods provide the right amount of nutrients for good health. They discussed what foods they typically turn to depending on their mood or emotional state. The Vida! parents also learned about portion control, how to read food labels, and the negative effects fast food and sugar can have on the body. After the lesson, all the parents felt more informed and educated in making healthy food choices for themselves and their families.

It is proven that individuals eat healthier foods not only when they have access to them, but also when they receive nutritional education. This nutritional education is an evidence-based way to improve health outcomes and foster healthy eating outcomes for a lifetime. Gasol Foundation is proud and honored to be able to provide such education to families who need it the most.