Grupo IFA and Gasol Foundation join forces to promote healthy lifestyles in Spain

Pau Gasol y Juan Manuel Morales presentando el acuerdo entre Grupo IFA y Fundación Gasol low

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the main objective of this agreement signed in Spain between Grupo IFA and Gasol Foundation, on July 14, 2015.

Among other healthy activities, Grupo IFA and Gasol Foundation will organize healthy cooking workshops and informational campaigns for children and families living in Spain. Campaign topics include but are not limited to: healthy options to buy at the grocery store, healthy recipes that the whole family will love, and tips on how to reduce food waste, all with the common goal of healthy habit promotion.

In addition, Grupo IFA will support food, sport and physical activity-related workshops, camps, and other activities organized in Spain by Gasol Foundation.

With its 33 supermarket chains, nearly 200 brands, and more than 5,500 outlets, Grupo IFA intends to leverage its sphere of influence to aid in the fight against obesity, one of the most serious health-related issues facing children and families in Spain today.

For this reason, and for a minimum of 3 years, Grupo IFA joins Gasol Foundation in joint goodwill efforts.