Healthy Eating with the Senior Team of Basquet Girona

Here at Gasol Foundation, our main goal is to reduce childhood obesity rates through the promotion of healthy habits. In order to build healthier communities that can promote healthier lifestyles, we have conducted a training session with the Senior Team of Bàsquet Girona, a sports club chaired by Marc Gasol. Basquet Girona was created three years ago. Since then, it consists of 6 quarry teams, about 80 players under the age of 18, and a senior team that currently holds one of the top positions of the CB Conference table in the EBA league. The senior team’s main objective for players to evolve and grow, both on and off the court. Also, the importance of taking care of oneself both physically and mentally, as well as comprehending the significance of incorporating healthy habits for optimal performance, is a recurring theme that is constantly stressed to all players.

The young athletes learned specific dietary recommendations before, during and after competition. Keep reading reading to learn all about the healthy habits taught at the workshop.

Healthy nutrition

When participating in any sport, an individual’s diet must be properly planned and executed in order to enhance athletic performance and ensure the proper recovery necessary after any training program, workout regiment or practice. It is recommended to eat a minimum of 4-5 meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, snack and dinner. 

Specific recommendations before, during and after competition

Before competition you should eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as rice, wheat, oats, etc., also during this time, you should consume foods low in fat, protein and fiber. It is best to eat 2 hours before physical activity.

During competition you should consume foods rich in simple carbohydrates such as fruit (normal or dehydrated) and vegetables. Again, during this time it is still important to hydrate properly. Small sips of water every 15 – 20 minutes.

After competition you should consume foods rich in simple carbohydrates and protein, such as lean meat, white fish, and eggs. By eating foods such as these, your body will be able to repair and regrow muscles and enhance recovery. It is also helpful to follow the structure of the  HEALTHY PLATE when planning meals. This My Healthy Plate diagram perfectly illustrates the five main food groups that represent the building blocks for a healthy diet.

Hydration before, during and after physical activity.

Hydration is key for any athlete since water regulates body temperature, keeps skin hydrated and lubricates joints and organs, keeping them in perfect condition. Water helps to maintain the functioning of all body systems, including the heart, brain and muscles. H2O also has the ability to transport vital nutrients that provide the body with energy. And the most important fact about water…it keeps us healthy!

These are just some of the reasons why athletes should drink water before, during and after physical activity. If your not hydrated, your body cannot perform at its highest level. Failure to do so can result in fatigue, muscle cramps or other serious symptoms. Even if you may not feel thirsty, it is still crucial to drink water because that does not mean that your body doesn’t need to replenish water reserves.

In addition to healthy eating habits and hydration, there are other key factors that must also be applied for maximal health. These factors are constantly promoted through Gasol Foundation workshops, and are also taught by Basquet Girona. One of these is quality of rest and sleep duration. Sleeping the necessary hours will help your body recharge and perform at a high level.

Another key factor, of course, is possessing a healthy state of well being. Emotional well-being in all individuals is crucial for overall health. Taking care of your mental health, expressing your emotions, and feeling good, confident, positive and complete is just as, if not more important, than the physical aspects!