A Fun Snack Recipe: Cheese and Fruit Bread Rolls

Here at Gasol Foundation, we’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle.  Looking to add a quick and delicious breakfast or afternoon snack idea to your repertoire?!

Ingredients   rollito-pate-y-mermelada2titu1

  • Cheese
  • Sliced fruit or fruit compote
  • Whole-grain bread or pita


Layer a softer cheese choice over the bread and then add fruit on top. Roll all together and either eat it on-the-go or store it in the fridge until later.

An added kid tip: cut into slices of two or threes for little fingers to try!

*This recipe was shared as part of our l’esport suma workshop in Badalona, Spain on nutrition and healthy eating with nutritionist Clara Homs. Learn more about that workshop here.

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