Join Our Team. Make a Pledge. End Childhood Obesity.

Pau and Marc have been competing since they were kids. That’s what drove them to get better, to get to the NBA, to become NBA-All Stars together. Now, they are channeling that competitive drive by launching the ‘Gasol Brothers: Teaming Up to End Childhood Obesity’ campaign so that you can join us in raising  $15,000 to boost Gasol Foundation programming for at-risk families living in some of the most deprived areas of Los Angeles (South LA, Watts and Boyle Heights). They will be personally matching every pledge and donation, doubling the effort!

They have 3 games left against each other in 2017 (March 18th, March 23th & April 4th) and we’re going to make the most of them. This is your opportunity to join the Gasol Foundation family and support our #0ChildhoodObesity mission of ending childhood obesity, by pledging for every combined point we score during the 3 games.

The percentage of children with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s. Today, about 1 our of 5 school-aged children are obese. If this trend continues, we are facing the first generation that could live less than their parents.


The inner city areas of South LA, Watts and Boyle Heights have become synonymous with plight, poor education and poverty. With that being said, it is no surprised these same areas contain the highest overall rates of disease and premature deaths in the county caused by preventable conditions like coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesityResidents of these particular areas report the lowest percentage of daily fruit and vegetable consumption, and one of the highest percentages of weekly fast food consumption in the county.

A healthier Los Angeles will only be obtainable if the systems are also equitable. Gasol Foundation has been working since 2013 with our Vida! Health and Wellness program to promote this movement and reduce childhood obesity rates by increasing exposure to healthy food options, culinary techniques, physical activities, and opportunities for health education and empowered enrichment in South L.A., Watts, and Boyle Heights. Help us make the healthy choice the easy choice in Los Angeles!


Visit and:

  1.     Pledge any dollar amount for every combined point Pau and Marc score in the 3 head-to-head games.
  2.     Make a one-time flat donation.

With your donation we will be able to…

  • With $1 one child living in South LA, Watts or Boyle Heights will receive a healthy exercise and physical education session guided by professional organizations and sport coaches.
  • With $20  one family of 3 living in South LA, Watts or Boyle heights will receive a healthy cooking and nutrition education class, as well as a gardening session in order to increase access to healthy foods and educate families on where healthy food really comes from.
  • With $300 one family of 3 will be enrolled in a full year of our Vida! Health and Wellness program (highlights include workshops on Cooking & Nutrition, Grocery Budgets & Meal Planning, Sports & Physical Activity, Gardening & S.T.E.M, Healthy Science & Physiology).
  • OUR GOAL: 15,000 to expand our programming and enroll 50 extra at-risk families living in South LA, Boyle Heights and Watts in our Health and Wellness program during the 2017-2018 school year.

Your donation, no matter the amount, will further assist us in helping us reach our #0ChildhoodObesity goal. To show our appreciation we want to give back a little bit of what you are giving by supporting our cause. If you Pledge at least $5 per point, you’ll earn a chance to win 2 Spurs/Grizzlies tickets and a post-game meet & greet with Pau or Marc! Let’s do this together and create healthier communities!