L’esport Suma: recap of our first nutrition workshop

Ever wonder if nutrition could be fun? Our children and parents did! L’esport Suma first workshop debuted in October called ‘The basics of nutrition’, with the aim of promoting a balanced diet among children and parents.

IMG_8607Nutritionist Clara Homs emphasized the importance of a colorful plate. Too often, healthy eating is associated solely with green, leafy foods. While these are an important element to a well balanced diet, in order to consume the full range of crucial vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it is important to “eat the rainbow.” This means incorporating as many colors onto a plate as possible.Clara also highlight that the family budget  does not have to be affected as long as you buy in season. Although most fresh fruits and vegetables are available year-round, some are less expensive when they are in season. In addition, you need to keep in mind that while all forms of fruits and vegetables are nutritious, some canned and frozen forms are OK too!

In the meantime, the kids were able to learn while playing and participating in activities, such as making a nutritional pyramid or planning a healthy and balanced breakfast with paper-craft figures that represented several food choices.

IMG_8619The second part of the workshop, however, was when the real fun began. Each of the families came together and cooked three healthy, quick and simple recipes made with inexpensive ingredients.

Curious to find out what we made and how to make it? Check out the recipes:


Overall the activity was a complete success; strengthening family ties with the satisfaction of having learned new tools that will reinforce the healthy habits in their lives, and in the community.

*This workshop has been made possible thanks to the generous support of our Spanish partner Grupo Ifa, who collaborates with the organizing  of healthy cooking workshops and informational campaigns for children and families in Spain. More information