Let’s have breakfast with the families at L’Esport SUMA!

Here at Gasol Foundation we work to promote the fact that a healthy diet, together with the regular practice of physical activity, is key for children to stay healthy. Everyone wants to start the day right, and following 9-13 hours of fasting, requires eating breakfast. Understanding what foods provide us with energy and which have the opposite effect, in order to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast each day, was the main topic covered in the Nutritional-Families workshops held during the month of January at L’Esport SUMA (Badalona). Take note and make your children’s breakfasts a healthy routine!

A healthy breakfast, your best ally for making the most out of class

The nutritionist began the session with an educational talk with the families of the program, in order to emphasize the importance of eating before leaving home so that our brain has the necessary energy to begin with our school or work days. The word breakfast literally means breaking with fasting (as is the case in Spanish: desayuno) and that’s what we should aim for a caloric intake of approx 20-25% of the our necessary daily energy at breakfast, with an adequate balance of different food groups.  

A healthy breakfast: cereal, dairy products and fruit

Based on what we have learned, we know that breakfast offers young people the energy and the nutrients they need to be able to pay attention and concentrate in class. That’s why our children’s breakfast must contain:

  • Cereals (bread, cereal-based products)
  • Dairy products (yogurt, milk or cheese)
  • Fruits (whole fruit or freshly squeezed juice)

A breakfast that’s not healthy will make children feel, in the middle of the morning, the necessity to eat something that gives them energy, which can surely be found in products with a lot of sugar in it, such as, bakery, sweet, soft drinks, sugary drinks and other similar products that are directly related to the growth of indexes of overweight and childhood obesity because of their high caloric content. It is true that this products has high dosage of energy, but if we put in a balance the energy that bring us with the saturated fats that contains it is not advisable a daily ingest.  

Creative and healthy options: The minichefs present their favorites breakfasts  

The message is clear: a balanced breakfast has a positive impact in the prevention of childhood obesity.

For this reason, the families of L’Esport SUMA have put together a simple and nutritious recipe to motivate the little ones not to skip the first big meal of the day. This time the children’s creativity has been the protagonist and they have put all their imagination in the elaboration of their healthy breakfasts: smiling faces made with fruits, colorful yogurts with cereals and perfectly decorated veggie sandwiches have been some of the creations of the little ones. In the end, children were so happy that they explained, as would a great professional chef, the process of making and products they have used to make their favorite breakfast. Do you want to prepare your favorite breakfast? Do not forget to share your ideas and suggestions with us!