IMG_4246Taking into consideration the fact that we are what we eat, our diet plays an important role in our lives, and our eating habits, whether good or bad, are acquired during our childhood. It’s very important that young people be conscious of the importance of a healthy diet, and this is only possible if they have been educated on the topic.

For this reason, we at the Gasol Foundation, through our Pau Gasol Academy, have organized practical nutritional workshops, in which we invite young people to learn to be self sufficient and about what they should be eating.

Food is fuel for the body. That’s why, before playing any sports, we must make sure that our body has what it needs. Who hasn’t heard about energy bars? They sound like a good option, but in fact, most of the ones we find at the supermarket contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives and fat. But our nutritionist at the Gasol Foundation has the solution: homemade energy bars!

IMG_1384As we explained to the young people participating in the PPGA, eating an energy bar before a sports practice can help avoid sugar levels dropping (hypoglycemia), as well as avoid feeling hungry while exercising. They also nourish muscles and provide the body with the fiber it needs.

All hands on deck! The boys and girls at the PPGA divided up into various groups, and while having a laugh with their teammates and using great teamwork skills, they cooked up some gourmet energy bars with the help of their high level sous-chef, Pau Gasol. Our founder did not want to miss out on the chance to get involved in this special learning experience for the kids, helping them to mix ingredients and with anything else that they needed.

The final result was a delicious batch of energy bars cooked up by the participants, which would later serve as their snack for the rest of the academy in order to keep them moving! As a gift, all of the kids were able to take home a Gasol Foundation apron in order to keep up the healthy eating habits learned at the PPGA at home with their families. Overall, it was a great success!

Want to make your own homemade energy bars? Take a look at the recipe! LINK