Let’s Make This Christmas, A Healthy Christmas!

You’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to enjoy this holiday season without sabotaging your healthy eating habits. Of course it is! Read on to discover fun and interesting ideas, tricks and tips to help you stick to your health goals this holiday season!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! It epitomizes a time for celebration with family and friends. It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, start wrapping those Christmas gifts, attend all the holiday parties, and deck the halls with boughs of holly (fa la la la la, la la la la). Indeed, Christmas is great, but with it also comes plenty of high caloric, fatty, and unwholesome meals and snacks. How will you continue your healthy journey during this time?! Well, never fear, Gasol Foundation is here!

The holiday season tends to cause some disruption when it comes to eating habits, routine changes, and sleep disturbances that can make it very difficult to maintain a balance with your health habits. On average, people gain between 4-5 pounds within a 4 week timespan. It is estimated that around 6,000 calories are consumed on Christmas Day alone!

Below are some fun ideas, tricks and tips to make this Christmas, healthy:

  • Try to keep the focus on fun, not food. Obviously this time of year will bring an abundance of delectable sweets, desserts and treats. However, attempt to place festive activities at the front instead. Establish new rituals and traditions. For example, make it a priority to go Christmas caroling, tree trimming, or create Christmas-themed arts and crafts projects.
  • Don’t overeat. When it’s time to indulge in your holiday meal, do so in moderation, perhaps enjoying those foods in smaller portions. If you know you will be attending a holiday party, for instance, treat yourself to a healthy pre-party snack before hand. That way, you will not be tempted to over-indulge once you arrive. Also, it is helpful to make healthy substitutions when applicable. Be sure to add some seasonal and colorful fruits and vegetables to your plate as well.
  • Stay hydrated. Make an effort to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is significant to stay sufficiently hydrated because even mild dehydration can trick you into thinking your hungry, thus causing you to overeat. It is also a good idea to replace dessert with a cup of herbal tea instead. This is a much healthier option and provides antioxidants, burns fat, and helps with restful sleep.
  • Exercise at Christmas. Particularly during this time of the year it is important to keep on track with your exercise routine. Regular exercise helps to decrease your appetite for junk food. Make it a priority to exercise together as a family during this time. Together, you and your family can go ice skating, bike riding or participate in any other sport activity.
  • Don’t forget the importance of adequate rest. This time of year can be very busy between all the parties and activities. Despite this, you must take time out to relax and get good quality rest. Doing so can be beneficial to your overall health.

As you can see, it is very possible to stay healthy and mindful as you celebrate the holidays with family and friends. All of the above tips and ideals are what Gasol Foundation teaches our children and their families daily, not just during the holiday seasons. We are very passionate and strongly believe that practicing healthy habits such as these will put you on a path towards an overall healthy lifestyle!

Enjoy making this Christmas, a Healthy Christmas! Happy holidays!