Mission & History

Mission & History


Gasol Foundation works to reduce childhood obesity rates through the promotion of healthy habits to children and their families.



Pau and Marc Gasol are brothers, Olympians and NBA champion athletes committed to making a difference. Originally from Spain, the Gasol brothers have garnered the national and international spotlight for their athletic abilities on the court and their dedication to philanthropy off the court.

At an early age, and inspired by their parents who were both in the medical field, Pau and Marc always shared a passion for children’s health.

Growing up, both were educated on the importance of physical activity, nutrition and emotional health- all necessities in order to lead an overall healthy lifestyle. As young children, some of their fondest memories were moments spent with their family actively practicing healthy habits together.

As adults, they became aware of the prevalence of childhood obesity rates and the severity of this global epidemic. After years of collaborating with several organizations, the Gasol Foundation was founded in 2013, first in the United States and right after in Spain. 

Childhood obesity

The World Health Organization has identified childhood obesity as one of the most serious health challenges of the 21st Century. According to the World Obesity Federation, it is estimated that 124 million children and adolescents are obese worldwide. They predict the number of obese children globally will reach 250 million by 2030. If this trend continues, we are facing the first generation that could live less than their parents.

Obesity can impact all systems of the body causing neurological, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal complications, as well as psychosocial implications (Malik, Pan, Willett, & Hu, 2013 and Ebbeling, 2002). In addition, children with obesity are more likely to remain obese into adulthood and are at-risk to develop chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease (World Health Organization, 2020).

Since 2013, Gasol Foundation works to reduce childhood obesity rates and focuses all its energy and resources on promoting and transmitting healthy lifestyles amongst today’s youth through our programs, activities, and initiatives both in Spain and the United States. Through the key involvement of family and educators, our programs promote children‘s knowledge, attitudes and habits for their full development.