New healthy habits workshop in Badalona: Do not skip breakfast!

Last week, our L’Esport Suma families took part in the third of ten healthy lifestyle workshops planned in Badalona, Spain, focused on nutrition. Building on the last workshop’s daily sugar intake lesson , we focused this time around on two often-forgotten meals: breakfast and the afternoon snack. Doctors and nutritionists have advised on the importance of eating five small meals per day. One of these small meals (that many adults skip but should not) is the afternoon snack. Children need one too because, from a physiological standpoint, they should not go too many hours each day without eating.  Their digestive systems need the fuel!


For this reason, in the educational workshop for our parents (while the children were enjoying activities related to the topic on an outdoor patio), our nutritionist, Clara Homs, outlined an optimal breakfast triangle: one that includes grains, dairy, and fruit (either whole or via juice freshly squeezed at home).

Clara highlighted, too, that we should avoid snacktimes that contain sugar-filled candy, beverages, or concentrated juices in addition to saturated fats commonly found in items like pastries. Last but not least, our nutritionist educated our parents on the importance of reading food labels in order to best understand proper portion size and the level of nutrients (vitamins and minerals)  per serving.

As a finishing touch to this family workshop, children and parents,  together, prepared a trio of great recipes, ideal for snacktime:

IMG_6215 – a healthy Banana popsicle

– a fiber-filled Fruit and grain smoothie

– a protein and fiber-filled Cheese and fruit bread roller

The recipes were well received and our L’Esport suma families promised to introduce them into their weekly breakfasts and afternoon snacks. Not mention, a few mini-chefs were born!

*This workshop has been possible thanks to the generous support of our spanish partner Grupo Ifa, who collaborates with us organizing healthy cooking workshops and informational campaigns for children and families living in Spain. More information