New workshop in L’Esport Suma: The Importance of Family Meals

_MG_0742Eating together as a family is a good time to unite, educate and share with one another. Therefore, we need to start promoting the importance of eating at the table with the family beginning at a young age. Eating together isn’t just about satisfying everyone’s hunger, rather, sitting around the table as a family is a symbol of much deeper meaning: it means communicating with your family members, worry about each other, listening to one another and expressing our feelings so that our children also learn to also express their own.

Fifth nutrition workshop with the families of L’ Esport Suma in Badalona

In the context of collaboration between the Gasol Foundation and the Badalona Casal dels Foundation infants with L’ Esport Suma program, this workshop was held fifth out of ten workshops on nutrition, this time focusing on the importance of eating as a family.

_MG_0794For this workshop, the nutritionist Clara Homs gathered parents for an educational presentation that emphasized how routinely eating together as a family helps prevent overweight and obesity in children and adolescents.
As indicated by the nutritionist, families who typically eat together follow higher quality diets with a higher nutritional density through the presence of more vegetables, fruits and cereals. It is also important to have the children participate when planning meals, such as preparing a task list (setting and clearing the table, washing the dishes, etc.) for them, which additionally instills values ​​such as responsibility and teamwork.

Without interruptions
One of the most important and emphasized tips for a healthy diet in both children and adults, is to attempt avoiding all distractions from what is really important-family time.

_MG_0871Forget about television, phones, social media or any other devices …. These only interrupt and nullify family conversation. In order to apply this advice in a fun way, families got down to work and decorated small boxes with pencils, stickers and colored paper to keep their electronic devices during family meals. The boxes were all beautiful, and all the children promised to collect phones before meals in order to enjoy more family time!

Healthy recipes
Without a doubt , tapas are one of the things we love most , especially when the warm weather arrives and we can enjoy our terraces and gardens alongside family or friends. Who said the tapeo cannot be healthy? Our L’Esport Suma children got to work and prepared (with the help of adults) 3 healthy and delicious tapas!:
♣ Cheese, turkey and corn salad roll
_MG_1024♣ Hummus and grated carrot tapa
♣Tuna,cream cheese and cherry tomatoes tapa
Are you willing to try out these healthily delicious tapas with your children’s help? We assure you that both children and adults will love it. And if the taste isn’t proof enough, just look at your family’s happy faces!

*This workshop has been possible thanks to the support of the IFA Group in collaboration with our healthy cooking workshops with the common goal to promote healthy – nutritional habits. More information