Pasos Study

PASOS ( Physical Activity, Sedentarism and Obesity in Spanish Youth)

A 2019 pioneering study that measures the physical activity, lifestyles and weight status of children ages 8 to 16 in Spain.

PASOS Objectives

In Spain, like in so many places globally, the childhood obesity pandemic is significantly affecting the development of children and adolescents. The PASOS study was carried out over the course of three months- April, May and June 2019. Its main objectives were to determine the level of physical activity and estimate the prevalence of inactivity, and study lifestyle variables and socioeconomic status of the parents whose children participated in the study.

Data Collection

With the support of the Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition Group of the IMIM, Gasol Foundation led the scientific coordination of PASOS. Approximately 3,887 children and teenagers from 247 schools of the 17 autonomous regions participated in the study, as well as a network of 13 research groups composed of 68 researchers.


The results of the PASOS study show alarming childhood obesity rates in Spain. The childhood obesity epidemic in Spain is significantly affecting the development of children and teenagers. According to the body mass index (BMI), 14.2% of the young population suffers from this problem, and 24.5% have abdominal obesity. PASOS highlights the urgent need to act now to ensure that children grow up in a safe and healthy environment that allows them to reach their full potential. For this reason, the Gasol Foundation calls on public institutions to implement preventive policies, measures, and interventions. Along with the private sector, civil society and the third sector, we must work together to place childhood obesity at the center of political and social agendas.


PASOS is a landmark study that became the driving force behind the Spanish government’s first-ever nationwide plan to address childhood obesity. Our research educated and mobilized the public to demand an increase in physical education hours and nutritious food choices for children.