Pau Gasol hosts the Gasol Foundation Family Cooking Day in Los Angeles

Pau Gasol and the San Antonio Spurs were in Los Angeles for a few days to play against the Clippers and the Lakers. While back in town, Pau took time in between games on Saturday 25th to surprise residents in Watts and host a Gasol Foundation free Family Day Cooking class at Jordan High School.

The event, called The Flavor of Togetherness, taught families the importance of cooking healthy, implementing fruits and vegetables in their meals and emphasized the significance of diet and nutrition. All of the above are significant to Pau. So much so that in 2013 he, along with his brother and fellow NBA player Marc, started Gasol Foundation. We focus our time and energy promoting various sport, exercise, nutrition and health programs to raise awareness regarding childhood obesity and advocating ways in which we can cease this epidemic.

The Flavor of Togetherness began with the families learning key information about healthy ingredients and healthy cooking. Under the supervision of Chef Lovely, from Common Threads, everyone put on their aprons, grabbed their cooking instruments and began cooking! The sounds of knives chopping along with all the talking and laughter amongst the participants started to take over the room.

Soon after, Pau arrived and surprised those in attendance. He took the time to socialize with the Gasol Foundation families, cook with them, and share his own personal thoughts on how vital it is cooking with family. He conveyed that doing so is not only fun, but can be very educational for children as well. “Cooking as a family can help teach kids how to eat healthy and help them make informed choices about the foods they eat as well”. – Pau stated – “Even the most diligent parents cannot prevent their kids from being inundated with fast food restaurants and commercials. We want to reduce childhood obesity rates. Getting everyone to grasp the concept of simply substituting fast food for homemade and more nutritional options, is indeed a first step”. Pau goes on to say, “It is not something that can be done overnight, but if we all work together, we can create a healthier tomorrow. This is a cause that I am very passionate about and will continue to campaign for.”

This festive occasion is part of Vida! Health and Wellness, a Gasol Foundation sponsored health program focused on young children, high school students and parents living in the South LA, Watts and Boyle Heights areas of Los Angeles. More information at